NEW! Kablooey Elite DX Trailer Pads


NEW! Kablooey Elite DX Trailer Pads


Our most exceptional quality and function for larger, heavier boats. Solid anodized aluminum base (that never wears out) now with a 2" thick closed cell foam cushion of a denser material than our original elite pads. Good for J105’s!

Designed with anodized aluminum plates that will NEVER wear out and a unique hydrophobic, closed cell foam pad that is extremely durable. Now offered with 2" thick foam of a denser material than our original elite pads to support the hulls of larger and heavier boats like 30’ - 40’.

The Elite DX provides the ultimate protection for your hull, the foam is u/v resistant, rot resistant and does not retain water - It will not hold water against your boat. The foam pads conform to the hull and cradle your boat so they don't create hard spots and leave no marks or scratches.

Comes with standard 7 inch and 7.25 inch bolt hole patterns that fit most trailers - can be modified for an additional fee. Two stainless steel 1/4-20 machine screws, with washers and complimentary hex key are also included.

This item not eligible for free shipping. (wt 32 lbs)

Shipping charge for set of 6 pads $30 via USPS - for other shipping options please email for details.

Price shown is PER PAD.

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